10 Websites you should be reading if you want to INVEST

Coffee, Corona, and the News

Hi Everyone, if you are reading this – I know you can’t wait to get your feet wet and dive straight into the world of investing. The waters can be quite murky at times, so it’s important for you to get your information from the right sources, and in a timely fashion.

Warren is smart. Be like Warren.

In order to have a chance of success in picking the right investments, and at the right time – it would do you well to build a good reading habit.

“Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

The Perfect 10

Indeed, reading and the thinking that follows will pay dividends for the budding investor. Based on my own years of trialing out what works and what doesn’t – I have carefully curated a list of publications and resources below to help you get started on your investment journey. I am calling this list the “Perfect 10” (coincidentally launched during the year I was born, and is now known to Gen Z as 987FM, IF they still listen to radio).

If something is free, you’re not the Customer – you’re the Product

In the era where fake news abounds, it is important to get your news from the right places, and that often comes at a cost. If you are a student, you may be able to get a discounted subscription, or even a free one for some of the Paid Publications listed below:

  1. Financial Times (UK/European perspective; in particular the Lex column. App and website are in the same salmon pink as its expensive newspaper)
  2. Wall Street Journal (US focused; with up-to-date markets analysis. The app supports Dark mode, so less strain on my eyes and my iPhone’s battery)
  3. Bloomberg (Up to the minute coverage; Bloomberg TV is also a good complement to reading)
  4. Business Times (Coverage and analysis of Singapore markets and companies)
  5. Economist (Weekly roundup of the week’s happenings around the world with a generous dose of British wit and humor – my new favorite column is Bartleby. The app also supports dark mode, and has a daily dose of curated news that is aptly named Espresso)

But.. I’m on a budget..

But of course, there are also some good and cheap / free resources that one can turn to when first starting out:

  1. Straits Times Invest (Great write-ups and actionable advice on the topic of personal finance for Singaporeans every Sunday)
  2. The Market Sum (Newsletter by the editor of Investopedia that sums up market happenings – I usually make sure I read this one, even when I am on short on time)
  3. Robinhood Snacks (US-centric newsletter by the eponymous brokerage, targeted at Millennials)
  4. r/investing (One of the better subreddits out there, to ask questions and hopefully get a good answer. That said, you may have to battle some trolls, and sift through sh1tposts, but probably not as much as WSB. Also, the discussions tend to be mostly about American markets and stocks, so they may not be fully applicable to a Singaporean investor)
  5. Investment Moats (Written by Kyith, the OG Financial Blogger in Singapore. If you only have time to follow one other blog – this would be it. K. writes about dividend investing, and mostly invests in high dividend yielding Singapore stocks to help him to achieve FIRE)

So there you have it – the Perfect 10 to accompany you on your Investing Journey, much like how the DJs of yesteryear used to accompany my generation during bouts of late night studying.

Looks like they cut 20% of their workforce, so they can’t call themselves Perfect 10 anymore.

Leave a comment to let me know whether you agree with my list.

Happy hump day, and thanks for being here.


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